Saturday, March 20, 2010

escapement oiling

When it's possible to reach your oiler through the back of a running watch, applying grease directly to the teeth of the escape wheel is the superior method to employ.

Here's what I do. On a modern, high beat watch, I epilame the pallet stones and escape wheel, then with no oil in the train anywhere but the barrel arbor jewels (how else can you get power), I wind it up and it the watch begins to run. I oil my way through the top of the train, flip the movement over, then oil the dial side. Then I grab some 9415 and reach through the plate and apply a small amount to the wheel teeth; every fifth wheel or so, three times in all. The advantage of this is, you can look at your oiler and decide how much grease is correct, and put it where it goes, and when it's off the oiler and in the watch you can be confident it's right.

Letting the watch run dry. Why do it? Because when you get around to oiling the escapement using this sequence of oiling, at least in my mind, the escape wheel has had a chance to tear a totally imperceptible trail across the pallet stones as far as the epilame goes. I always get a perfect result in this manner. Few things are as attractive and gratifying to me in all of watch work as perfectly oiled pallet stones.

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